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Welcome to my world of fashion and style! Here I talk and share with you my impressions about women's fashion trends, analyze Fashion Shows, celebrity outfits and modern street style. Here we will chat about what to wear, how to wear, who what wear, how to find your style and choose the clothes that fit you perfect, we will talk about the colors in clothes and learn how to combine them correctly. We will discuss how to look fashionable and modern, and whether it is necessary to follow fashion in general, learn interesting facts from the history of fashion. We will learn who and how make fashion, know how are clothes collections creating. And let's talk about travellings, hobbies, and everything that we are interesting.
No doubt, annual Art fairs play a key role in the global contemporary art market. It is here that the directions of the development of the art industry are set, new names are opened, art trends are born and large deals are made. 
To find your perfect fit you need to determine your size. How to do it? Very easy! 
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