The Top Fashion trends of Fall / Winter 2018-19 - What We Will Wear

Questions about femininity, as well as women's empowerment, fueled by recent scandals of sexual harassment in Hollywood, set the tone for the upcoming Fall-Winter 2018-19 Fashion season. Looking at the autumn-winter 2018-19 collections, we see a woman that balances femininity and strength, tenderness and masculinity. The bulky silhouettes, multiple layers and maxi lengths demonstrate both a need to assert and defend oneself, while bright colors, satin, sparkles and sequins acted as a breath of fresh air.

The style of the 80's

Clothes in style of the 80s continue to conquer the podiums and our wardrobes. In this season, the 80's fashion sound even more clear - unadulteratedly exaggerated shoulders, loose-fitting oversized silhouettes, daring mini skirts, mad "acid" colors, colored fur, an abundance of sequins, glitter and accessories. Throw off all doubts - it's time to purchase a floor-length coat with wide shoulders, a short loose-fit jacket with shoulder pads, a vinyl miniskirt, a coat dress or a blazer dress, wearing it directly on the underwear. Complete the look with a big hairdo, ballerinas and a colorful clutch.

The style of the 80's is the key trend of fall - winter 2018-19

from left to right: Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Alexander Wang, Balenciaga, Miu Miu


Layering is a key trend of the Fall-Winter 2018-19 Fashion season. If you always feel cold, then this trend is definitely for you. Experiment with different pieces of clothing, colors and textures, combining them in one look. Wear a padded jacket or a fur coat along with a parka, get warm with a vest or a cape over a blazer with a sweater - to resist even the Arctic cold. And if the weather changes, the extra layer can always be taken off.

Layering is a key trend of the Fall-Winter 2018-19 Fashion season

from left to right: Balenciaga, Prada, Acne Studios, Calvin Klein, Alexander McQueen


Asymmetric cutting will be one of the most striking trends in the upcoming season. Skirts and dresses with asymmetrical bottom, one shoulder dresses and jumpsuits, dresses with one sleeve, asymmetrical flounces - all these exquisite details will appear in everyday looks and evening dresses. For the most brave - dresses 2 in 1 - when one dress is made from two different halves. And for the fans of piquant accents - different colors shoes or asymmetric sunglasses.

Asymmetry is a key trend of the Fall / Winter 2018-19 Fashion season

from left to right: Givenchy, Moschino, Alexander McQueen, Jean Paul Gaultier, Esteban Cortazar

Pajama dressing

Delicate and exciting slip dresses and suits can be worn with elegant ballerinas, and with slip-ons, pajamas outfits benefit from this once again.

Pajama dressing - slip dresses and suits

from left to right: Max Mara, Bottega Veneta, Blumarine, Esteban Cortazar, Anna Sui

Maxi lengths

Despite the fact that micro-dresses and mini-skirts abound in fashion collections Fall-Winter 2018-19, the maxi-length pieces confidently gained the upper hand. The floor-length coats and capes, long wide skirts, flowing, often satin bohemian style maxi dresses with long sleeves seen on runways everywhere.

Trendy maxi dresses, maxi skirts, maxi coats - Fall - Winter 2018-19

from left to right: Valentino, Jacquemus, Max MaraPrabal Gurung, Elsa Schiaparelli

Red Total Look

Fans of red color will be happy this fall. Fiery red, poppy red, burgundy red, copper-red hues sounded a vivid note at the Autumn - Winter 2018-19 Fashion Shows. Red maxi dresses, pullovers with maxi skirts, leather coats and floor-length throws, jackets, red boots and shoes - the bigger, the better.

Red Total Look - is a key trend of the Autumn - Winter 2018-19

from left to right: Salvatore Ferragamo, Dolce & Gabbana, Antonio Marras, Prabal Gurung, Gucci

Black Total Look

If by spirit you are a warrior woman, then it's right time to express your personality. Inspired by the look of Trinity from “The Matrix”, put on a long black leather trench coat, high black lace-up boots and narrow black sunglasses. If you prefer more feminine look, put on a black fur coat with black jumpsuit or leather trousers and a lace top.

Red Total Look - is a key trend of the Autumn - Winter 2018-19

from left to right: Ann Demeulemeester, Max Mara, Alexander WangFendi, Versace


Leather was the most dominant of all materials on the Fall - Winter 2018-19 ready-to-wear Fashion Shows. Long leather coats, dresses, skirts, leather trousers became the official favorites in absolutely all Fashion Houses collections. And leather do not have to be only in black. It may be a red trench coat, as Roberto Cavalli, or a cyan color biker jacket as Miu Miu, a burgundy dress as Alexander McQueen, or a mustard color Shirt Dress, as in Hermes collection.

Trendy leather clothes of the Fall - Winter 2018-19

from left to right: Roberto Cavalli, Alexander McQueen, Hermes, Stella McCartney, Miu Miu

Faux fur

Fashion becomes more eco-friendly, and more and more influential Fashion Houses are abandoning natural fur in favor of artificial. Choose what you like more - a crazy huge colorful coat, such as Diane Von Furstenberg and Dolce & Gabbana, elegant, indistinguishable from the natural, like Stella McCartney and Givenchy or leopard coat like Tom Ford. Well, if you do not like bulky fur coats, then you can confine yourself to an elegant fur throw, a cape or a scarf.

Faux fur - is a key trend of the Autumn - Winter 2018-19

from left to right: Jil Sander, Anna Sui, Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Tom Ford

Fringes, sequins, feathers

Forget everything you knew until this moment about the fringe! At the Autumn - Winter 2018-19 Fashion Shows the fringe appears to us in a completely unexpected embodiment. Many Fashion Designers bet on bulky silhouettes as a cocoon, decorated with tiers of fringe, as an alternative to fur. We can see coats, pullovers, skirts, and even trousers with a long shaggy fringe, dresses with plastic fringes at Prada collection, fluorescent pullovers at Balenciaga. In Evening Fashion this trend reached its apogee - glamorous dresses and throws, as if descended from photos of actresses of the 1920s, decorated with silk and beaded fringe, shimmering tassels, silver sequins, marabou feathers. It is also impossible not to mention the chainmail dresses, chainmail tops and skirts, which have already been seen more than once in celebrities outfits and on Red carpet.

Fringes, sequins, feathers - Fall - Winter 2018-19

from left to right: Dolce & Gabbana, Carolina Herrera, Prada, Gucci, Paco Rabanne


High-tech glossy materials were a key trend on the catwalks this season: whether it's vinyl, latex or plastic. Transparent plastic raincoats, vinyl jumpsuits like Catwoman from Batman, vinyl trench coats, silver dresses, futuristic silver parka jackets and down jackets, reminiscent of spacemen clothes, suits made of dazzling ultra-reflective, highly sensitive holographic and neon materials - the future has already arrived.

Clothes made of vinyl, latex or plastic - fashion trend of Fall / Winter 2018-19

from left to right: Jean Paul Gaultier, Elsa Schiaparelli, Comme Des Garcons, Balmain, Calvin Klein


Fashion has turned its eyes towards America and Wild West, the cowboy style can not be ignored today. Fringe and cowboy boots at Isabel Marant, cowboy boots and chic neckerchiefs as accents at Fendi, futuristic cowboy looks at Calvin Klein. Suede and fringe convey the spirit of Wild West in collections Fall-Winter 2018-19.

Cowboy style - fashion trend of Fall / Winter 2018-19

from left to right: Dolce & GabbanaCalvin Klein, Isabel Marant, Fendi

Poncho, capes, throws

Luxurious, stylish and at the same time comfy and practical capes and ponchos were seen for the first time on catwalks a few seasons ago, and today they occupy an important place in our wardrobes. Just put on a poncho or a throw over your usual outfit, and your routine look will change totally!

Poncho, capes, throws - fashion trend of Fall / Winter 2018-19

from left to right: Derek Lam, Esteban Cortazar, Elsa Schiaparelli, Alexander McQueen, Emilio Pucci

Cozy Knitwear

Knitwear, namely dresses, trousers, gaiters, stockings, coats and vests, as well as pullovers, preferably of free silhouette, again will be the key items in the wardrobe for the next season. Create multi-layered combinations with knits of different textures and knitting - what can be more comfy and practical? And if you're tired of your usual sweater, just wrap it around your waist or tie it around your neck like a scarf.

Trendy cozy knitwear of Fall / Winter 2018-19

from left to right: Carolina Herrera, Balenciaga, Missoni, Ermanno Scervino, Michael Kors


Plaid, tartan, Prince of Wales, glen check, gingham - checks in all their numerous variations are the key trend for the upcoming season Autumn-Winter 2018-19. Suits, dresses, coats, skirts, classic colors check jackets, and for the bravest - mix & match check outfits of crazy "acid" colors from head-to-toe.

Checks - fashion trend of Fall / Winter 2018-19

from left to right: Gucci, Missoni, Burberry, Michael Kors, Anna Sui

Polka dots

Do you already have purchased a dress, blouse or polka dot skirt? Then now is the right time to buy some.

Scarf prints

Stunning feminine silk dresses, throws, tops, even coats and jackets dazzled with scarf prints in Autumn-Winter 2018-19 collections. Glamorous and amusing, from floral motifs to bandana patterns, scarf prints will take a worthy place in our hearts and wardrobes for several seasons forward.

Scarf prints - Key trend of fall /winter 2018-19

from left to right: EtroAlexander McQueen, Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, Oscar De La Renta

Leopard print

Forget about the prejudices and stereotypes - leopard print is returning in fashion fall-winter 2018-19, and now it is more actual and modern than ever. What is the difference now? Wear it from head to toe. Animal print is actual both in natural and in vivid colors. If you're not ready to buy a leopard coat or a fur coat, be sure to take a dress, blouse or shoes with leopard print - you definitely need to add something from this list to your wardrobe. Wear a minimum of jewelry with your leopard print dress, choose modest accessories, and you will not have risk to look tastelessly.

Leopard print - Key trend of fall /winter 2018-19

from left to right: Max MaraDolce & GabbanaElsa SchiaparelliTom Ford, Balenciaga

Floral prints

Floral prints of all kinds, sizes and styles are firmly established at the top of the fashion and are not going to surrender their positions. Floral photographic prints, vintage floral patterns, floral bouquets, as wallpaper, flowers from old botanical books will splendid blossom on our outfits this fall and winter.

Floral prints - Key trend of fall /winter 2018-19

from left to right: Michael KorsDolce & GabbanaGucciOscar De La Renta, Valentino

Bold colors

Bright shades of poppy red, fuchsia, bold and saturated cyan and mint shades, carrot orange, apple green, purple and gold, as well as a variety of fluorescent shades, will warm and charge us with positive energy this winter. Bright colors will be worn in monochrome outfits and updated versions of classic prints, such as a leopard or check.

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